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Route T1 – R617

The T1 or better know as the R617 is the main artery supplying the Southern Drakensberg from the next big cities Pietermaritzburg in the East and Kokstad in the West, representing the gateway to the Eastern cape. It is a very scenic route and you are likely to arrive in our lovely district on it.

Take it easy when it is misty and you might find the odd cow or goat crossing the road. Once you reach the district you find some of our members’ turnoffs right off the road.

Route U - Underberg

The two villages Underberg and Himville are the main centres of the Southern Drakensberg with Underberg being the main hub. Nestled below Hlogoma Mountain with beautiful vistas of the main Drakensberg it sets the mood for your holiday.
Underberg offers all amenities within walking distance: You find shops for everyday necessities as well as gifts, souvenirs and sporting products. If necessary you can fill up, clean and maintain your motor vehicle. Several restaurants will tantalize your tastebuds and also offer all day coffeshop atmosphere.

Route T2 - Coleford

A nice scenic route giving partially tarred access to some of our members with amazing positions along the Umzimkhulu river. Look out for nice picnic spots along the way!

Route T3 – Nottingham RD

This at times harsh gravel road for the more adventurous is a short cut to and from the N3 northwards. Best mastered with high clearance vehicles it is definitely worthwhile if you like stunning scenery. It gives access to some of the most remote and beautiful Nature reserves Lotheni, Vergelegen, Highmoor and Kamberg. A favorite destination for Fly-Fisherman looking for that elusive trout.

Route H - Himeville

The two villages Underberg and Himville are the main centres of the Southern Drakensberg with Himeville being the smaller and quieter village. It hosts the KwaSani Municipality offices as well as the court and police station. Our most famous Himeville museum hosted in the old sand stone fort is a must for visitors. Many of our well established members offer you fine cuisine and accommodation in and around the village.

Route T4 - Cobham

The road to Cobham leads to one of the most well known entries into the Maloti Drakensberg Nature Conservation area. Giants Cup or Hodgsons peaks as it is also known towers above in the background and many will remember fondly past hiking and camping holidays at this pristine area. Swimming or fishing in the Polela is a great idea and so is coming out here for a day walk if you do not want to spend the night in the wilderness.

Route T5 - Sani Pass

A route full of adventure, the initially tarred road, leads you beyond the Sani Pass Hotel now on an increasingly more rugged gravel surface to the South African border Post. Here you will have to check out with your passport (no exceptions and visa regulation might require you to organize such for entry into Lesotho) before you engage all wheel drive (4X4 is compulsory!) to make it up the famous Pass, the only access Road to Lesotho in KwaZulu Natal. Take your time and enjoy the scenery! You might consider saving your own equipment and your passengers mental health by using one of our capable and knowledgeable Tour Operators to take you on the trip. There are very nice accommodation options on this route as well as on top of the mountain in Lesotho at about 3000m altitude.

Route T6 - Pevensy

There are some scenic roads to explore by car and maybe bicycle on this route. Also you can take this road to get back to Pietermaritzburg on the R617 if you are in an explorative mood!

Route T7 - Drakensberg Gardens

One of our major Tourist Routes it is tarred all the way with lots of scenic spots to stop and take pictures. Our largest hotel, accommodation and time share members have placed themselves along this road for good reasons! It ends up right in the mountains with wonderful hiking opportunities. The Umzimkulu river forms the spine of this valley and lots of events like cycle races and the famous Drakensberg challenge canoe race take place here. Cycling trails crisscross the area and give world class experiences to the active mountain biker. Come and enjoy some of the numerous restaurants as well. Horse riding is also offered along the Drakensberg Garden Road.

Route T8 - Bushman's Nek

The second Route partially following the Umzimkulu river has major tourism resorts and lodges placed along it. The scenery is dominated buy one of our iconic mountains – Garden castle. It is a gravel road waiting to be upgraded, so take your time. It also loops back to the R617 as an alternative to coming back the same way to Underberg.

Route T9 - Scotston Valley

Actually almost still in the village of Underberg it crosses the bridge at the bottom of the valley. Some of our members offer accommodation here amongst farming pastures.

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