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Digital Nomads

A fantastic location for content creators & remote workers

Nestled in the Southern Drakensberg region, Underberg and Himeville, along with their serene countryside, offer an ideal retreat for content creators and remote workers.

The landscapes, dominated by the Drakensberg Mountains, provide a picturesque backdrop for creative endeavors. The towns' welcoming atmospheres and close-knit communities create a sense of belonging, and the relaxed pace of life allows for a balanced approach to work and leisure. With reliable internet access, these towns seamlessly combine the practicalities of remote work with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Whether drawing inspiration from the mountain vistas, exploring the valleys, or immersing in the local culture, Underberg and Himeville provide a peaceful yet connected setting for those seeking a break from urban life.

Where to stayWhat to do
  • Stunning Scenery

    Mountains all around.

  • Fantastic Coffee

    At a number of cafes, hotels and teagardens.

  • Fast Reliable Internet

    Provided at various accommodation options in the area.

  • Tons of Activities

    For all budgets and adventure levels.