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Mountain Biking

Excellent riding trails are maintained on a commercial basis by Sani Spoors – starting from the Olde Duck Coffeeshop. Sani Spoors is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s stand-out mountain biking destinations and offers what can only be described as an intoxicating mix of mountain bike trails of varying degrees of difficulty. All skills levels are catered for, providing fun and excitement for the whole family. So, if you want to tick off the full gamut of MTB options – from adrenaline-fuelled downhills, gritty climbs and gently meandering trails to technical bridges – go get it all at Sani Spoors in one safe and spectacularly beautiful destination.

Since its inception in 2010, Sani Spoors has been dedicated to fostering the growth and development of both cycling and running enthusiasts in our area that do not have the financial resources to engage in these sports. Through our events, we have provided a platform for athletes of all levels to challenge themselves, push their boundaries, and connect with nature in a way that few other activities allow. Furthermore, we have consistently strived to create a positive impact on our community by promoting physical fitness, environmental awareness, and a sense of camaraderie among participants and spectators alike.

Gravel Roads

The numerous district roads in the Underberg area provide endless scenic riding routes with varying distance and climbing requirements. 

Sani pass

Sani Pass offers a strenuous and technical 42km ride up/down the pass. Passports are necessary for this ride. A shorter (28km) non technical but very scenic ride is also available to the SA border post and back.

Riding Events

a. The Eurosteel DrakDescent Mountain Bike Challenge has become an iconic event in our region, attracting avid cyclists from near and far. This thrilling race not only showcases the breath-taking landscapes of our area but also serves as a catalyst for economic growth by drawing participants and visitors to our community. It’s an event that embodies the true spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.

b. The Underberg Gran Fondo Underberg – Now well established as an adventure sport mecca, the inaugural edition of a brand new gravel bike race called the Underberg Gran Fondo, has been unveiled for the end of July 2022. Called the Underberg Gran Fondo after the Italian “Big Ride” moniker, the two races aim to offer a new event to the rapidly growing community of gravel bike riders in South Africa. The signature 140km race will start at the Olde Duck, the base of the Sani Spoors organisers of the event on the Drakensberg Gardens road, and traverse across to the Bushman’s Nek region before heading into the Coleford Nature Reserve, then towards Pevensey before skirting back to Himeville, Underberg and returning to the race base. The shorter 90km starts on the same route, and turns back to Underberg directly after passing through the Coleford nature reserve. Both routes will use the network of district gravel roads and farms roads in the region, and are designed to maximize the views of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park world heritage site. The race organisers have chosen the mid-winter timeslot deliberately to reduce the risk of rainfall that could make the district roads muddy and slippery, aware that riders and their supporters will be well prepared to deal with the cold associated with the Southern Drakensberg winters.

c. The well known Sani2C also sets off from Underberg, travelling from Glencairn Farm along the Sani Pass Road, various tracks and paths, all the way to Scottburgh on the S Coast.