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A much-needed addition to the Southern Drakensberg region; the Mzimkulu Vulture Hide was launched and opened to the public on 19 February 2024.

Created to support endangered Vulture conservation through a Vulture Safe Feeding Zone, the hide is a hub of activity and a bird-lover’s paradise. Located in the heart of the southern Drakensberg, the Mzimkulu Vulture Hide is fitted with one-way glass designed for clear photography and allows up to six guests to comfortably view and photograph endangered Vultures, as well other birds, for a good cause. Exquisite mountainous backdrops, comfortable seating, darkened windows and a few electrical plug points for recharging camera batteries and phones, make for an enjoyable experience.

The Hide is also equipped with educational material to ensure visitors leave having learnt more about conservation and wildlife in the region.

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