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The Giants Cup Cafe on the Sani Pass Road is a relaxed country Cafe for the whole family. It is located deep in the mountains with a beautiful indigenous garden. There is a Restaurant, Bar, Craft Shop, and an Indigenous Plant Sales Greenhouse. The Art Gallery and Ceramic Studio showcase the creativity of local talent in the form of beautiful pottery made and decorated on site (unique water fountains, lamps, and lots more) and paintings of local landscapes and flowers. (See Giants Cup Café and Crafts under the art and crafts section).

The Cafe is open daily from 0730 hours to 2000 hours, a mere 50 metres from Sani Lodge and Self-catering Cottages: offering hearty breakfasts; healthy lunches; three course dinners; mid-morning cappuccinos made from Fair Trade organic coffee beans paired with signature baked cheesecake using our farm cream cheese; and mid-afternoon tea with scones dressed in butter, our organic fruit jams, and farm cream.

Pair organic South African wines with your meals or enjoy a cocktail before your dinner. As devotees of self-sufficiency, we aim to provide home cooked meals using our seasonal organic home-grown vegetables and fruits as well as our cheese, butter, cream cheese, feta, halloumi and ice-cream that we make from our fresh Jersey cow’s milk. The cheese platter served with our dairy produce is highly recommended.

Stunning views with fresh mountain air and a Nature Trail for the whole family will invigorate and recharge one’s mind and body.

The shop sells organic dairy produce made onsite from fresh Jersey cow milk, organic coffee, and chocolate as well as gifts for every occasion.
An indigenous plant greenhouse offers dozens of beautiful, environmentally friendly, and water-wise plants for your garden to attract birds.

Whilst staying at Sani Lodge, guests can enjoy the convenience of quality meals on their doorstep.