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Sani Stagger
09 Nov
  • Sani Stagger, Good Hope Farm, Sani Pass Rd, Himeville, South Africa

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  • 12:00 am-Saturday

    November 9, 2024

The steepest marathon in Southern Africa! Located on Sani PAss, Sani stagger is an out & back course that runs from South africa to lesotho, and back! The course runs 21.1km up Sani Pass to the Lesotho border post, and then 21.1km back down the pass to South Africa. Sani Stagger takes place along the 21 km gravel road of Sani Pass, on the magnificent scenic route between the Premier Resort Sani Pass and the Lesotho border post. The 42.2km Marathon starts on the Premier Resort Sani Pass golf course and runs 21.1km to the top of the Sani Pass at the Lesotho border and 21.1km back down again, finishing on the golf course.


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